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on our Award Winning CFD Platform

Marketsforu recognizes that “one size doesn’t necessarily fit all” when it comes to trading and the firm has,therefore, partnered….

Discover And Trade Technology Stocks


Trade on the world’s leading technological giants


Trade on the world’s leading technological giants that provide a wide range of products

Marketsforu to institutional traders allowing them to trade effortlessly on low latency, multibank liquidity, all dynamically powered by a robust..

Discover and trade E-Commerce Stocks


Trade on the booming online e-commerce retail sector


Trade on the booming online retail sector. This includes the biggest players in this industry

Marketsforu adheres to a standard prime brokerage model where each client of the firm establishes their own credit relationship

Discover And Trade Social Stocks


Trade on the ever-evolving Social Media platforms


Trade on the ever-evolving Social Media platforms that have millions of subscribers

Market Analysis

Institutional Partners

​Marketsforu’ liquidity providers and partner banks encompass many of the world’s largest, and most highly-rated, financial institutions.

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Fully Segregated Funds

For qualified counter-parties, Marketsforu, in conjunction with Various Banks, offer a secure client funds solution through a custodial, or tripartite

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Multi Currency Margin

Clients may post margin collateral directly to Marketsforu’ wholesale client funds accounts, which are held at major money center banks.

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Discover Insiders Whispers, our tool that lets you see when company bosses are buying and selling.


Based on what corporate bosses are doing Insiders whispers shows you which stocks are trending and signals what the insider sentiment is and when and what the last transaction was.

See how the performance of the stock has been affected by the insider transactions with integrated charts and widgets.

View detailed analysis of transaction history in a simple user interface that let’s see who’s been buying and selling.

Our powerful algorithm ranks transactions based on past performance and then see month by month what insiders have been doing and how it’s affected the stock’s price.

View individual buys and sells, who’s behind them, what their role is in the company and how their trades rank.


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