Plan and manage Cash Flow with separate totals of currencies purchased and scheduled payments for future release dates. Set user specific permissions and access rights with multi-tiered approval process.

Our SME risk management solutions and FX payments are perfectly suited to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises that want to manage their exposure to currency fluctuations

Around The Clock

We process payments every day, around the clock and around the world, in over 200 countries, for more than 25,000 customers in just about every business category. In today’s volatile foreign exchange market, it is imperative that all micro, small and medium-sized enterprises exposed to currency fluctuations have the tools and knowledge to manage their exposure.

Why Use Marketsforu Direct

When You Choose Currency Hedger Direct, You Can Enjoy The Following Features

1.Create and execute Spot Transactions and Forward Contracts.Pay beneficiaries by Wire Transfer or Bank Draft.

2.Choose from several different settlement methods including Wire Transfer, CHAPS, BACS, check and multiple settlement accounts direct debit.

3.Plan and manage cash flow with separate totals of currencies purchased and scheduled payments for future release dates.

4.Set user specific permissions and access rights with a multi-tiered approval process.

5.Access the platform in various languages, independent of your location.

6.Get automatic verification of beneficiary banking details for proper payment format.

7.Full adherence to international banking and compliance requirements.

8.Generate comprehensive transaction reports.

9.Process multiple payments in one simple step through our integrated file upload.

10.Take advantage of incoming payment services with foreign funding balances and cross currency functionality.


Free Risk Management Consultation

Creating a solid strategy is the foundation of good quality risk management, hence why our free consultation is of such critical importance.

Business Goals

We Would Arrange A Meeting To Discuss

your attitude to risk areas where you are exposed, and your FX and business goals.Following this meeting we will have a great overview of exactly what is required and how we can support you.Please fill in the form below and an Currency Hedger representative will contact you as soon as possible.

Easy To Use

It’s Free And Very Easy To Use

If you would like to open a Currency Hedger Direct Account, simply fill in your details and we will get you set up in no time.

SME-Centric Solutions

Our SME-Centric Solutions Include

Risk Management

Forward Contracts

Rate Orders

FX Payments

Spot Transactions

Currency Hedger Direct