Silver Bar - 100 oz

The silver 100 troy ounce bar is a popular choice for  investors since it’s a manageable weight, but big enough to have a lower premium than smaller silver bars. The silver bar – 100 oz  weighs just over 3kg and contains 3107.2 grams of pure silver if the bar is .999 fine, or 3110.0 grams of pure silver if the bar is .9999 fine.

Silver bars are made in three different ways. Bars have a high quality polished finish if they have been manufactured from larger silver sheets and then pressed and stamped by a minting process.

A cast bar is produced by pouring molten silver into a mold or die which then cools. The assay mark and description are then impressed into the front of the bar. These bars have a traditional bar look to them.

An extruded silver bar is made by heating silver metal and forcing it through a rectangular space. This creates a uniform length of bar which is then cut and stamped with an assay mark.

Many of the silver refineries that produce the industry-standard 1000 oz silver bars do not manufacture 100 oz silver bars. In addition, some refiners used to make 100oz but no longer do so. Therefore, a 100 oz bar will have been produced by one of a short list of refiners.

Marketsforu selects its 100oz bars carefully from a handful of prestigious and highly regarded silver refiners who are all accredited to the London Bullion Market Association which is the industry body that regulates production standards for the larger 1000oz silver bars.

LBMA Refiners

The London Bullion Market Association (LBMA), headquartered in the City of London, is an international industry association for gold and silver bullion. One of its primary functions is the maintenance of the Good Delivery List (GDL) for refiners of both gold and silver.

The GDL is a set of refining standards that refiners must meet and uphold in order for their good delivery bars to be accredited by the LBMA. Good delivery bar specifications only cover large bars. For silver, this is known as the ‘1000 oz silver bar’.

The LBMA does not maintain a list of refiners who produce 100 oz silver bars, nor does it regulate 100 oz silver bar production. However, some refiners who are accredited refiners for Good Delivery silver bars and have membership of the LBMA’s Good Delivery List for silver also produce 100 oz silver bars.

Therefore, in selecting a 100 oz silver bar for investment, it is prudent to invest in a bar that has been produced by a refiner who is on the LBMA’s Good Delivery List, since these refiners are recognised and trusted in the market. This is why Marketsforu only sources 100 oz bars from such refiners.



Johnson Matthey
Johnson Matthey is one of the world’s best known precious metals refiners. The refinery’s 100oz silver bar are sometimes known as JM 100s and have been produced in large quantities at various times since the 1970s.

Some JM 100oz bars have been manufactured in cast or poured form, and some in minted form. Some of the older cast bars have serial numbers, while most of the newer bars do not.

Many of the older JM 100oz bars have the famous Johnson Matthey assay mark of a ‘JM’ with small crossed hammers in a diamond logo, and the words ‘999+ JM LTD ASSAY OFFICE’. These bars were manufactured in the company’s Canadian refinery.

Another more uniform JM 100oz silver bar was manufactured in the last 1980s. This bar type has a high surface shine and a JM rectangular logo with crossed hammers. The front of the bar is stamped with the words ‘JOHNSON MATTHEY’, followed by ‘ASSAYERS & REFINERS’, ‘FINE SILVER’ ‘999’, and “100 OUNCES TROY” and lastly a six digit serial number. This version is rarer than the older cast bars.

Johnson Matthey halted production of the 100oz bar in the late 1980s, but started to manufacture poured or cast 100oz silver bars in approximately 2002.

Englehard produced large numbers of 100oz silver bars in the 1970s and 1980s in a large range of styles, and these bars are still widely available on the secondary market.

In total there were approximately 1.7 million 100oz Englehard silver bars produced. Initially 100oz bars were manufactured using a casting process. Subsequently, production switched to an extrusion process. This produces flat rectangular bars of a more uniform appearance. It is estimated that about 80% of Englehard 100oz silver bars of the later extruded variety.

The extruded bars display a large Engelhard logo in a number of slightly differing styles, with a large inscription of ‘999+ FINE SILVER 100 TR. OZ.” and a 7 digit serial number. One logo has ‘ENGLEHARD’ within a rectangular boarder with rounded corners. Another has ‘ENGELHARD’ without the boarder but with a small triangle motif within the ‘A’ of the Englehard. The earlier cast bars have smaller Englehard logos and the fineness of 999 imprinted.


Royal Canadian Mint
The 100oz Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) silver bar is 99.99% pure silver. This is sometimes referred to as ‘4 nines’ and is the highest purity of any 100oz silver bar on the market. The RCM bar has a highly polished finish and smooth tapered corners. The front of the bar is engraved with the Mint’s distinct circular logo, depicting a Canadian maple leaf design.

This is surrounded by the words ‘ROYAL CANADIAN MINT’ inscribed in English within the upper circle, and “MONNAIE ROYALE CANADIENNE’ in French in the lower circle. Each bar has the year of production and a unique 6-digit serial number engraved in the middle of the front face, followed by the weight ‘100 tr oz’, and the fineness in silver ‘Ag 999.9’. The back of the bar is blank.

Perth Mint
The Perth Mint 100oz silver bullion bar is a cast bullion bar with tapered corners and a highly polished finish. The bar has a purity of 99.9% pure silver and is stamped with the Mint’s well-known Swan logo, which is also the Mint’s assay mark registered with the LBMA.

Each bar is imprinted with a unique 5-digit serial number as well as the weight ‘100ozs’and fineness ‘999’. The Perth Mint bar is a sought after investment product and new bars come shrink wrapped from the Mint in a transparent film.

Credit Suisse
Credit Suisse 100oz silver bars have been produced in both cast and minted forms. The bar is manufactured by Swiss Refinery Valcami on behalf of Credit Suisse.

The bar has a large ‘CREDIT SUISSE’ on the front face and also engraved with the Valcambi assay mark, which includes the words ‘ESSAYEUR’ and ‘FOUNDEUR’.

The bars are a rectangular uniform shape with rounded edges. Each bar is engraved with ‘100 OUNCES’, and ‘FINE SILVER’, followed by ‘999.0’. Each bar has a unique 5-digit numeric serial number.


A critical decision for  investors when buying investment gold coins is where do you want to store your investment. The manageable size, durability and portability of a 100oz silver bar allows for easy storage options. However, the 2100oz silver bar is relatively valuable and needs to be securely stored.

Silver bullion is subject to VAT within the EU and we do not deliver silver bars into Ireland. We do, however, offer insured storage.

Marketsforu offer  clients fully insured secure storage facilities in many international locations such as Switzerland, UK, USA, Australia and Asia.

Note: For the 100oz silver bar, the minimum order for this product is 500 troy ounces, or 5 bars.