Portfolio Management



Technical Analysis


We use technical analysis as an approach to identifying entry and exit points for investment positions, in combination with other tenets of our investment process. We believe that history can have a habit of repeating itself so analyzing the impact of the past can improve future performance. 



Risk Management


Understanding the inherent risks involved in investing is of the utmost importance. We deploy a range of risk measurement tools, in real-time, to ensure each of our strategies remain within our agreed frameworks. We believe effective and robust risk management both, in the run up to, and during the investment selection and monitoring phases, are critical to consistently generating strong investment performance.



Bottom Up Fundamental Analysis


Each potential investment candidate is examined on a case by case basis. We extensively research each company’s business model and operations in addition to building relationships with the management team where possible to gain an understanding of what drives them to achieve success and generate value. We believe that a solid understanding of how a business is run and what drives the people running them, is essential to identifying successful investments.