Marketsforu Trader is a high-performance, customisable Trading Platform for retail, professional, and institutional level traders.

Optimized to provide maximum throughput and reliability, the platform is capable of handling 900,000 transactions per day with more than 5,000 connections. Powered by best-of-breed technology.

Marketsforu Trader, connected to the eFX Cloud network, delivers cost-efficient, secure trading access.


Rapid Order Entry and Execution

Our Direct Connections to the exchanges and cutting edge technology ensure one of the fastest executions and confirmations. We understand that for active traders, milliseconds matter.

Powerful Charting Engine

Customisable work station with robust selections of technical indicators and personalised charts.


One-touch Trading Feature

Powerful features allow the execution of your strategies or orders with a single-click

Technical Analysis

Customisable work station with robust selections of technical indicators and analysis tools

  • Trade more than 120 currency pairs, commodities and indices.
  • Publish all the live trades and monitor your open trades on the go.
  • Access to your trading wallet including balance sheets and margin details.
  • Customize your screen view to suit your personal requirements.


Marketsforu Trader, connected to the eFX Cloud network, offers access to tight spreads, instant settlement with full price transparency, flexible trade sizes and interest multi-currency accounts.


  • Automated price engines
  • Order-routing management systems
  • Automated trading systems
  • Advanced order types
  • Stop-loss, take-profit and entry orders
  • Access to current and historical market rates and candlesticks
  • API Object model is based on the FIX specification
  • Message based structure is very light and flexible Real time transactions
  • FIX version 4.4
  • Rates pushed and not pulled