Trading Today?


EUR/NOK buy at market
Stop loss: 9.10
Take profit: 9.50

Justification: We remain in the bullish channel that is well respected since May. The double top formation target was met and we rebounded from the first support area and the lower bound of the bullish channel. Therefore the bullish trend should resume. The crucial resistance lays slightly above 9.50. If current support area doesn't decelerate the plunge and price will break below it, the second support area should do the job. A lot will depend on the oil prices behavior however the previous speculative surge gives little hope of sustainable growth and change of trend.



USD/TRY buy limit at 2.95
Stop loss: 2.91
Take profit: 3.05

Justification: Our previous recommendations (here) & (here) closed at take profits. However the target of an ascending triangle was met and we expect a technical correction before maintaining bullish trend and surging once again for new highs. Therefore buy limits are the most reasonable option right now. Previously, after hitting the 3.00 level we have seen very dynamic squeeze and  return below 2.90. Similar situation but on smaller scale may occur once again and staying long is risky.