Dax Gaining All but Two

DAX is gaining well over 1% today, nearing to a 2% daily gain as European equity markets are enjoying a revival of investors' sentiment .

Actually only two companies are seen declining today: Deutsche Lufthansa and RWE. However in case of Lufthansa it's only about 0,5% move. RWE is the worst performing, falling by almost 6%. Company published its earnings results for first half of 2015, where they largely missed the net income expectations (set at 741,3mn EUR) showing only 543mn EUR. EBITDA also proved to be lower at 3,19bn EUR vs. consensus of 3,29bn EUR.

RWE reiterated it's net income target for the year, however with weak first quarter, it's hard to expect they may show results better than the lower bound of the forecast 1,1 to 1,3bn EUR range.