Terrorist threats cause pain to European equities


European equities opened lower Wednesday as further security scares after the Paris attacks last Friday weigh on investor confidence. Tensions are high in Europe amid more security concerns after the Paris terrorist attacks on Friday in which 129 people died. 

On Wednesday morning, police confirmed, according to multiple media reports, that two terrorists were killed in the ongoing raid on Saint-Denis, Paris. Also on Wednesday, Air France said that two Paris-bound flights that had been diverted following anonymous threats had landed safely.

Air France said the flights were subjects of anonymous threats received after their respective take-offs and authorities are investigating the source of those calls.

On Tuesday evening, a football match between Germany and Netherlands was cancelled on bomb fears. The stadium in the German city of Hannover where the match was evacuated but the German interior minister said no explosives had been found inside the stadium, however.

 At the beginning of trading:
DAX: -0,59%
FTSE100: -0,35%
CAC40: -0,75%
SP500 fut: -0,13%