The UK starts new probe in way car emission are tested after VW scandal


After VW scandal which rocked the auto industry, the UK has now launched a probe on how cars are tested in the UK. Parliament’s Transport Committee said it would look into whether arrangements for testing noise, performance and emissions met EU standards. The UK Transport Committee said the VW scandal has rocked the way the UK test work. This comes off the back of an announcement this afternoon that VW will re-testing effected in 2016. A statement from Volkswagen says the company has identified 430,000 VW, Audi, Skoda and Seat models from the 2016 model year which are affected by CO2 irregularities, which form part of the 800,000 total revealed last week. Customers affected by the CO2 irregularities can expect to receive an official letter from VW in the coming weeks. Share in the troubled car market is trading higher 1% at 97.37.