Leasing for Business

Marketsforu Asset Finance provides tailored leasing solutions for small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) across Ireland. We specialize in funding across a variety of sectors, providing flexible business leasing finance to keep your business growing.


What is leasing?


Leasing gives you the full use of the asset over a fixed term without the burden of ownership. At the end of the lease agreement you have the options to enter into a secondary lease agreement, choose to sell the asset and retain the majority of the sale price or simply return the asset if no longer required.

Leasing allows you to safeguard your cash flow and other credit lines facilitating predictable monthly expenses. With this clarity, you can budget more efficiently and use your working capital to develop long term plans for the growth of your business.

Unlike purchasing an asset outright, a lease contract provides your business quick access to new assets with only a small initial payment required up front.



Payments can be scheduled to correspond to your income schedule and reflect the needs of the business cash flow. We offer weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual payment options providing tailor-made repayment schedules that work for you.

In many cases, leasing provides businesses with a full deduction of lease payments against current earnings for tax purposes. VAT on lease rentals is also reclaimable when you are registered for VAT (there are some restrictions in the case of motor vehicles).