Fund Choice

We offer a full suite of funds across:



Fixed Income


Absolute return funds.

Client Base

We manage assets on behalf of:

Life companies

Semi-state companies

Private sector companies

High net worth


Religious orders

Investment Managers

Marketsforu Investment Managers


Established and Proven Track Record


Marketsforu Investment Managers is an independent fund management business within the Roche Finance GQ & Roche Futures Group .U.K  based with a global outlook, Roche Investment Managers is operating since 1999 and is second to none. The Roche Managed Fund is the Number 1 performing global multi asset fund (Equities, Bonds, Alternatives, Property and Cash) in the Global market over the past 20 years  



Process-based Investing


Our range of funds are all managed through our robust and proven three pillar investment process – based on Macro, Valuation and Technical analysis. 

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