Grow Your Revenues
As a Marketsforu introducing Broker

The online trading sector continues to grow as financial headlines around the world spark interest in trading the global markets.

An Introducing Broker (or IB) is an entity (individual or company) that refers clients to a forex brokers and is compensated for the revenues (in our case, STP spread paddings and ECN commission fees) generated by the referred client.

Whether you’re a webmaster of a review site with a small following or the owner of an online financial media empire, becoming an introducing broker is a smart move.

We offer competitive revenue sharing opportunities. Alternate signup links to ensure that ECN commission and STP spread revenue from clients who were referred by you are properly credited to your account as an introducing broker.

The more clients you refer, the greater your income potential. Transparent and flexible payments – get paid from the very first trade a client makes and withdraw your commission any time you like. No minimum targets – we don’t impose limits on how many clients you should refer like many other brokers.

We offer ready-made marketing material including banners, tracking links, marketing guides, and more. If you need help, feel free to ask your account specialist at

Provide Innovative Products

Attract clients with our selection of market-leading trading platforms and conditions for your clients.

Customer Partnerships

Depending on your expected introduced trading volume, we can set up a flexible compensation plan. Talk to your account specialist.

Reliable Referral Tracking

Every trader that is referred by your website or marketing emails can be tracked by providing custom signup forms and cookies.