Hire Purchase for Business

What is hire purchase?


Hire purchase provides the flexibility to spread the cost of an asset over a fixed period. Whether you are buying vehicles, engineering machinery or commercial equipment that has a resale value, a hire purchase loan allows you to manage your budget effectively over the repayment term and to own the asset at the end of the process.

Hire purchase allows you to safeguard your cash flow and other credit lines facilitating predictable monthly expenses. With this clarity, you can budget more efficiently and use your working capital to develop long term plans for the growth of your business.

Payments can be scheduled to correspond to your income schedule and reflect the needs of the business cash flow. We offer weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual payment options providing tailor-made repayment schedules that work for you.

Our team makes decisions quickly allowing you access to funds within days of the hire purchase agreement being made.

By using a hire purchase agreement you have immediate access to the asset without putting a significant dent in your working capital.