Even if you’re an experienced investor, it’s good to know you can count on professional support, should you need it. At Internaxx, we put you in control, with innovative trading tools and analysis across a wide choice of products and markets. Everything you need to invest, in the way that suits you best.

Whether you want to trade Forex, CFDs, Options or Futures, you can manage all your investments easily in one account. Seize opportunities as they emerge through an award-winning platform, powered by our partner Roche Fintech .

Investing in derivative products carries a very high degree of risk and is not suitable for all investors.

  • Trade Forex, CFDs, Options, Futures within one customisable platform
  • Take advantage of our competitive US trading rates, coverage and execution
  • Rely on outstanding customer service from our specialist team in Luxembourg
  • Benefit from excellent liquidity, one-click trading and a full range of trade orders
  • Access professional analytical tools and live streaming news
  • Trade long or short from a choice of web based and downloadable platforms
  • Receive live prices rapidly on over 150 currency pairs
  • Trade instantly at highly competitive bid/ask spreads
  • Benefit from short term price movements, go long or short with multiple order types
  • Trade on margin with low margin requirements or hedge currency fluctuation risks
  • Access your live account summary and get instant trade confirmations
  • Trade derivatives on stocks, indices and commodities live on the top exchanges
  • Benefit from tight bid/ask spreads and low commissions
  • Go long or short, make use of your available margin, hedge and trade intra-day
  • Trade using a full range of order types: limit, stop, if done and OCO
  • Monitor your trades and positions on a real-time basis
  • Access the world’s largest futures markets through a powerful, convenient platform
  • Trade a wide range of futures, including commodities, bonds, currencies and indices
  • Benefit from excellent market liquidity on all major contracts, as well as tight spreads
  • Enjoy the advantages of futures trading, such as diversification and leverage
  • Go long or short, hedge against adverse price changes affecting your portfolio
  • Save money with competitive commission rates