Car Finance Solutions

Funding Vehicles Across Ireland

Marketsforu Asset Finance provides an affordable, easy and flexible car finance solution enabling customers across Ireland to secure car loans to purchase their next vehicle.

Why Hire Purchase?


Hire purchase is an agreement where Marketsforu Asset Finance buys the vehicle on your behalf and hires it to you for an agreed period. You will normally pay an initial deposit and subsequently pay off the entire value of the vehicle over agreed monthly instalments. When all the instalments are paid, the hire purchase agreement ends and you own the vehicle.


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Competitive Fixed Interest Rates


You have the comfort of knowing what you will be paying for the duration of the agreement thus safeguarding cash flow and other credit lines.


Flexible Repayment Terms


We provide tailor-made repayment schedules that work for you. Hire purchase agreements can be arranged for different durations e.g. 2, 3 or 5 years.


Quick & Easy to Arrange


We reply to all queries promptly and can make decisions quickly to release funds within days of a hire purchase agreement being made. We also work with consumers purchasing cars from the UK.


Small Deposit Required


A hire purchase loan requires just a small, initial deposit thus ensuring you can receive your car or asset promptly.