About Marketsforu

Our Focus



No Matter The Product, Let Us Be Of Service

We serve a range of clientele, from experienced institutional investors and fund managers to retail traders and pensioners. Our goal is to educate and inform our clientele in-line with our fiduciary pledge.

Whether your interests lie in traditional financial instruments or more complex assets and derivatives, let our experienced team leverage its acumen to assist with your account needs. Our deep rolodex of affiliates enables us to provide you traditional asset management coupled with more sophisticated services, including precious metals brokerage and physical asset storage.

What We Do



We are an advisory brokerage firm serving clients globally with several notable financial services partners. Our portfolio advisors have years of experience working for noted global institutions advising on an array of products.

The difference is you can come in and see us; our personality is on display for the world.

Personal relationships are our attitude. We are here to cultivate relationships for the long haul. Sign up with us, we’ll come visit you.

About Our Team




Our team’s backgrounds include experienced careers in a wide array of industries to leverage various competencies and provide broad market coverage. Let our decades of working knowledge serve you as we seek to build a successful strategic relationship.

Our talented researchers hail from all corners of the globe to provide you with market expertise. We spend countless hours recruiting the foremost specialists in fields including financial services, banking, agriculture, mining and minerals, and weather.


Zero Conflict Of Interest

Our Interest is Serving Your Interests

In order to ensure fairness and transparency, we certify that we have no conflicts of interest with our client trades. As a pure brokerage and non-market making entity, the sanctity of our client trades are protected with the utmost respect and confidentiality. Our success as a firm is tied to client triumphs and, as such, we have a vested interest in providing the utmost assurances for customer accounts. No need to square off against pesky dealing desks; just pure trading as it should be. As a growing financial fiduciary, our clients are the building blocks of the future; your success is our success.

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“Risk Free” ≠ “Risk < Rewards”


Trading intentionally requires a different philosophy towards decision-making. In our business, there is no such thing as “risk-free.” Our motto is “calculated risk.” We emphasize the virtues of disciplined, focused trading. It starts with a creating a game plan and cherry-picking those opportunities we identify to skew risk-reward in our favor.

Our seasoned professionals work tirelessly to understand client investing objectives, helping to design a rigorous trading strategy that delivers consistent results. Facilitating your success is our objective.